1. Sit in a comfortable, upright position with great lumbar support. You want to be able to feel supported and relaxed while feeding your baby.

2. Place your baby on the MBF Angled Feeding pillow and make sure the pillow and your baby are as snug and as close to your body as possible.

3. The goal is to end up with your baby’s mouth positioned slightly under your breast. To reach this position, you can move both the MBF Angled Feeding pillow by sliding baby up or down on the pillow, or by moving the MBF Angled Feeding pillow across your lap until you can see the relationship between your breast and your baby’s mouth.

4. Always  support baby and pillow, moving them to your breast, Never try to bring your breast to baby. It is important to support your breast when moving baby up to it.

5. When using the football hold, it may be necessary to increase MBF Angled Feeding pillow’s height by placing one corner of the MBF Angled Feeding pillow on your leg. A rolled up cloth next to your newborn’s bottom should help prevent sliding.

6. If you wish to elevate the pillow to more then 30+ degrees to improve digestion, easiest way is to move the MBF Angled Feeding pillow across your lap until the tail rests between your knees.

7. Keep your baby safe and secure by always having one hand behind baby to prevent rolling away.

8. Breastfeeding should never hurt you, even in the early days. If you experience sore nipples that do not appear to be improving, we encourage you to consult a lactation consultant.