Step one:

Position My Brest Friend at your waist with the clasp on your right side and the backrest behind you.

Step two:

After placing pillow at optimal breastfeeding height, close the clasp or fasten the Velcro to secure My Brest Friend to your body

Step three:

Adjust the strap or Velcro so that My Brest Friend fits snugly to your body. Pick up baby and sit down, resting baby’s head directly on the pillow and helping baby latch on.

When baby is done feeding, squeeze the buckle and silently release the clasp.

*Do not use this product with baby while standing. Children should be supervised while using this product. Always hold baby while using this product.

Breastfeeding Instructions

Wrap the pillow around your body with the zippered side facing down. Adjust lumbar cushion to the location and thickness that feels most comfortable for your back. Let the pillow rest naturally on your lap.
Hold the baby so that he/she is facing you. Support the baby’s head, neck and shoulders with your hand, placing your thumb behind and below one ear, your index finger behind and below the other.
Using the hand behind your baby’s head, tip his/her head back slightly so that the chin is closer to the breast you are offering than the nose is.
Support the breast with your hand. Your thumb should be about an inch or two behind the nipple, and your index finger should be directly across from your thumb and index finger together slightly, compressing the breast right in front of the baby’s nose and just below the chin. This will shape the breast to match your baby’s mouth.
Continuing to compress the breast with your thumb and index finger, align the baby’s nose with your nipple and touch the baby’s upper lip with the nipple. When the baby opens his/her mouth very wide, quickly pull the baby onto the breast, chin first. The baby should take more of the tissue below the nipple than above. Keep your fingers in place compressing the breast, until the baby is actively sucking.