Original Pillow:

By Pitoyable
“I got one of these at Once Upon a Child. It was lifesaver when I was breastfeeding my son. I tried the Boppy but it didn’t fit well and my son didn’t really fit on it. The Brestfriend was much more useful. It is firm and you can adjust it so that it fits around your waist. And if you have to stand up for a bit, you don’t have to remove it. You can also easily take the cover off and wash it.”
By Cerberus “Cerberus” (chicago, IL)
“The person, who invented this pillow deserves a Nobel Prize! The best thing ever… no back pain any more, no thousands of pillows, slipping from my knees, and no more efforts to hold the baby on my arms getting them numb while breastfeeding… If you are planning to breastfeed for at least 6 months, do not hesitate to buy this pillow. I fed my daughter on this pillow until she was 18 months old. And I can say that this is one of the best investment in a breastfeeding mother’s health!!!”
By Laura Novak
“I had a hefty newborn, 9.2lbs at birth, and this pillow really helped me support his weight. The latch was quiet, which makes a world of difference if you’ve just nursed the baby to sleep. The back support is very nice and I felt my baby was comfortable on the pillow surface.”
By Joelle Craig
“My sister-in-law recommended this pillow to me and I was excited to try it out. I have used it with my daughter from day one of breastfeeding and it is a dream. It is stiff enough to keep her awake while feeding without being hard. It is tall which in great for me because I have a long torso so it keeps her head up high without my having to hold her up. The adjustable strap is great since my weight fluxed so much in the weeks after giving birth. I use the pocket to store her mylicon drops and vitamin d so they’re nearby when needed. I recommend this pillow to anyone planning to breastfeed. My baby girl has definitely learned that when mama “puts on” the pillow it’s time to eat!”

Deluxe Pillow:

By Rowen’s Mom
“This is by far the best nursing pillow made. It is SOOOO much better than the Boppy. The Boppy is ok for setting your infant in or propping him/her up but otherwise, pass on it. The velcro or snap (depending on which style you get) is so helpful to keep the pillow close up against you. This plus the soft, flat part on the top make such a stable ‘platform’ for your baby and it feels so much more stable and comfortable.”
By Scab’s Mom
“This pillow by far saved me from going to formula. It makes breastfeeding so comfortable as it supports baby at the right position at all times. I adjusted the waist strap several times as I have been losing weight slowly. Thank goodness for that adjustment as it secures baby where I need him to be. The cover is easy to slip off and wash, and can be spot cleaned when necessary. My son seems to be comfortable on this support pillow, and we’ve not had any problems with it. The times we have issue s is when we don’t have this pillow with us while feeding.”
By LB “LoLLie”
“Don’t buy a boppy for breast feeding- it is crappy and has NO support! I have no idea where mine is- waste of money. Anyways being a first time mom this pillow is a life saver! It’s soft and helped me out a lot- still does! I am large up top and it would be a task for me to hold my daughter and nurse, this is awesome. It supports her firmly and helped me get her latched quickly. I highly recommend this pillow- make sure you buy the deluxe it’s super soft and the pocket up front is great to hold a phone, clicker, water- whatever. Also it is FULLY adjustable!!”

Travel Pillow:

By Marissa Condosta Gordon
“This pillow works excellent if you are a breastfeeding mother planning to travel. I have the regular brest friend at home and wanted something I could bring along with me during vacation so I could continue to nurse comfortably, and the travel pillow did not disappoint. It is the same size and shape as the regular brest friend, and works just as well, my baby could not tell the difference. I also liked how I could use my regular covers, and I didn’t have any problems zipping up the cover after it was inflated.
The pillow folds flat when deflated and is easy to pack. I have always blown it up by mouth with no trouble, so there is no need to carry around a pump. If you can blow up a beach ball with your mouth, you’ll be able to inflate the brest friend.
This is one of the very best baby travel items I have purchased and I recommend it to all of my friends.”
By avital
“This inflatable pillow improved my life immeasurably. Before I bought this product, I was either lugging a cumbersome pillow around with me everywhere, or breastfeeding my baby on my lap in a very awkward position – uncomfortable for both me and her – which made for very unsatisfactory feedings. I kept saying that I wish there was an inflatable pillow I could shove into her bag and only inflate when necessary – and lo and behold, there is such a thing. It is supremely easy and fast to inflate, even with a screaming baby in your arms, and fits into the baby bag beautifully. I could not be more satisfied.”
By John Andrew Fries
“I bought this product to help with nursing for my journey to London for on the plane and for my stay there. I decided to practice with it beforehand to see if it was useable and it’s really great. Super easy to inflate. Once inflated it’s firm and comfortable. Works just like the normal Brest Friend pillow. This product has put my mind at ease about my 10 hour flight to London with an infant on my lap. This will totally save my arms!!! Very happy :)”

Twin Pillow:

By J. Snow
“A life saver. This pillow made it very easy to breast feed 2 babies at the same time. Without it, I probably would have had to do one baby at a time, which means double the amount of time spent nursing. Its worth the cost to get both babies done at the same time, just to have a little extra down time between feedings. Also, it is much much bigger than the singleton pillow, and it is an extra luxury to have even if you just have a singleton you plan on using it with.”
By football girl “football girl” (Cincinnati, OH)
“This pillow made my life so much easier. I can nurse both twins at the same time in the football hold and still have my hands free to read a book or talk on the phone. It cut my nursing time in half!!”
By Twin Mom too
“This pillow is a must have! Everyone with multiples knows that hands free is the way to go and this pillow is just that! I had premie twins and have used this since day 2 in hospital. I am a first time Mom and was able to nurse both twins at the same time nearly right from the start. I credit this to the ease of the pillow. It is easy to situate both babies on either side in football hold. The height is great for breast to meet babies mouth. The pillow is great when no one is around to help. I use it mostly on my bed. I’m set up with drink, burp clothes, binkys and my IPad. I also am able to walk around (picture an inner tube) to lay babies down etc. It is a HUGE time saver and sleep helper to nurse both babies @once and I can’t picture doing it without this pillow!”

Body Pillow:

By Zoe Estrin (San Francisco, CA United States)
“I am so happy with this body pillow! It supports me in all the right places and allows me a comfy nights sleep. Its less burdensome then other pillows i’ve tried. Now Im just wondering do I really have to give it up post-baby?!?”
By MadameBerg
“This 3-in-1 Body Pillow is the best! What I love about it is the fact that its manageable, not too bulky, very easy to snuggle up with without the added burden of having too much pillow in the bed. The built in wedge became a VERY IMPORTANT part of my pregnant life once I entered the second trimester. Such a good idea! The wedge helps supports my belly while the rest of the pillow makes side sleeping so much more comfortable that any other body pillow I’ve tried. A MUST HAVE product. I have told all my friends about it and have been giving it as gifts to pregnant friends. It comes in a very sweet and easy compact package with handles so it’s a really great gift.”


By Irishlawlass (Cleveland, Ohio)
“I own two of the other pregnancy wedge pillows from the other company that starts with a B and is “toppy” in some folks minds. Anyway, this pillow is wider and the edge is flatter/sharper than those other ones so it covers more surface area. I think the lift is slightly less thick as the other one but I don’t think it will make much difference. The other one mushes down and crushed a bit where this one has not yet. Both are fine pillows. I just think this one offers more flexibility for different sizes and shapes. I am a huge fan of the Brest Friend products. I breast fed my daughter for 15 months and I can say without reservation and with absolute confidence that Brest Friend is just hands down better than the other brand. I took a breast feeding class offered by the hospital before my daughter was born. The NICU nurses and lactation consultants who taught it had piles of the Brest friend pillows for everyone to try. They were crystal clear about the fact that they do not recommend or endorse the other one because it just doesn’t hold a candle to the Brest Friend pillow for moms serious about breastfeeding. The only people I know who liked the other brand failed at breastfeeding for various reasons or only made it a couple days/weeks (so not exactly pros or able to give reliable recommendations on these items long-term). I’m sure some love the other brand and are loyal (they do have cuter covers for the pillows — but after all — that’s not what counts). I’m sticking with what the pros recommend and what I know first hand was a fantastic brand/item and a real lifesaver. This pillow is of equally impressive quality.”


By SheilaKS72 “Sheila” (Minneapolis, MN)
“For a first time nursing mother this stool is a must if you are not very tall. I am barely 5’4″ and found that my legs would start to cramp while nursing and my back would hurt more. I like that this stool adjusts so that it can be used as a regular stool when I am done nursing. I also have the My Brest Friend nursing pillow and it has been a lifesaver. When my son was first born he would slide off of the boppy and neither of us could nurse comfortably. Since the pillow straps on it stays in place and you can concentrate on nursing rather than adjusting the pillow. The combination of the pillow and stool is really great and has made nursing more enjoyable.”
By 2010mommy
“When I first saw nursing stools I thought they were unnecessary. However, as I nursed, I knew I needed to put my feet at that level to help with positioning and back pain, so I ordered this stool Definitely a must have for any nursing moms…it’s a lifesaver. I like the fact that it is adjustable so that my son can use it as a stepstool when he gets older.”

Nipple Cream:

By MadameBerg
“I tried the Lansinoh cream at first but it was messy. I found out that Lanolin is not good for nipples. After hearing about the all natural My brest friend nipple cream I switched. It was very quick to repair and sooth my very sore nipples and it was not greasy at all!”

Nursing Cover:

By Hro
“This produce is very easy to use and covers me up completely. I love that I can still see my baby nursing through the top of the cover. Great price, great product!”
By M Green (Utah, United States)
“I have 4 covers in various locations to be used for feeding my little guy. One was homemade, I have 2 of this brand and then I have one of the Bebe Au Lait Cotton Nursing Cover – Kensington.
The pattern on this cover is quite fun. The attachments for the strap are nice quality. The material is not see through. The size is of this cover is big, unlike the Bebe Au Lait (too small!). The rib part that is supposed to bow out for you isn’t that great but it isn’t the worst one either. The one that someone made for me has a nice, thin plastic piece in it that bows much better.
Overall, this is the best cover I have purchased. I recommend it to anyone I know who is expecting and planning on breast feeding.”


By Veronica
“I LOVE my brest friend. And this cover is so cute I hate taking it off to wash it. I’m so happy I bought this nursing pillow vs the boppy!”
By Julie Damato “mejuliedamato” (Huntersville, NC)
“I love the cover. It’s super cute. It fits great over my brestfriend pillow and it didn’t shrink when I washed it. It’s exactly like the picture.”