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Breastfeeding's #1 Supporter

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Breastfeeding’s #1 Supporter for 25+ Years

For 25 years, My Brest Friend Breastfeeding Pillows have supported millions of moms around the world successfully breastfeeding their babies. The #1 breastfeeding pillow choice of breastfeeding experts.

Super Deluxe Nursing Pillow

The only nursing pillow on the market designed to meet the specific needs of breastfeeding mom & baby.

Discover the Difference

Enhanced Lumbar Support

Helps maintain healthy posture and prevent sore back or neck

Thicker, Firmer Plush Cushion

Helps maintain positioning and encourage latch

Water Proof Inner Core Cover

Ensures a dry core and an easier process to change slip covers

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Convenient Pocket

For nursing and other accessories.

About Us

From an unlikely idea to a best-selling product, My Brest Friend has revolutionized breastfeeding with our award-winning nursing pillows.

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Supporting moms in over 45 countries

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#1 choice for lactation Consultants

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25 + years of Brand credibility

Resources + Support

Our community is here to help you feel confident, secure & supported on your journey with your newborn. Learn more with our collection of breastfeeding resources!


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What Others are Saying

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June, Mom of Jake

I originally got a Boppy because it seems everyone had them, but then at a breastfeeding class they said this was much better. Man were they right! The Boppy is too soft and the kid just sinks in, not enough support. The firmness holds him up at the right height. It has a little bump to rest his head on also so your hand does not get tired and the removable cover is nice too. This product truly saved my breastfeeding, it was hard for so many other reasons and this made it so much easier. I cannot recommend this enough!

Mary, Mom of Asa

This is a great product. I had the Boppy first but it was uncomfortable because I would have to arch my back to get my baby comfortable, the Boppy was too flimsy. The Brest Friend was referred to me and it helped me position my baby better and helped my lower back. My baby loves it he easily falls asleep on it too. I would recommend this to anyone.

James, Dad of Kaleb

My Brest Friend helped to position my premature son correctly while my wife was breastfeeding AND while I was bottle feeding (it made those early feedings go much smoother).

It’s a breastfeeding platform posture helper. It is your brest friend.

Bethenny Frankel

Mom of Bryn. Star of Bethenny Getting Married, Real Housewives

I love the Brest Friend. It was a lifesaver when it came to breastfeeding. I had one at home and one on set when I was working, and I never traveled without it. It’s the best; nothing else even comes close.

Mariska Hargitay

Mom of August. Star of Law and Order SVU

It takes only one time of use to know the quality of the design over the other pillows out there. I can’t tell you how many pillows we sell to moms who started with the Boppy and then used our My Brest Friend in our mothers’ room and consult rooms. It sells itself!

M. Lawson

M. Lawson, BA, Ed, CBE, Special Addition, Austin, TX