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Top Techniques to Get Your Newborn to Latch On

The first few moments of a baby’s life for a breastfeeding mom may be spent working to help the newborn to latch on and begin suckling. Learn all about the latching on process, the breastfeeding products that may help you, and how to combat common latching on difficulties [interlink to article ‘You’re not alone: common […]

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You’re Not Alone: Common Breastfeeding Problems to Be Aware Of

As a breastfeeding mother, you may have to face some challenges but they’re nothing that can’t be handled with a little information and a lot of support. You’re not alone, and many mothers have to face the same challenges. Many find that once they learn the nature of these issues, they’re fairly simple and will […]

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Breastfeeding Timeline: Expectations of the First Year

The first few weeks of your time with your baby will be filled with a lot of multi-tasking; balancing a lot of special breastfeeding moments with very little sleep (don’t worry- it’s well worth the lack of sleep). Along with your breastfeeding support system such as doctors, a nutritionist, and a lactation specialist or doula, […]

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Breast Milk: When Does the Production Begin?

Even though breastfeeding doesn’t begin until the baby is born, most women are already producing milk about halfway through the pregnancy. While this is common for many moms, do not be discouraged if this is not the case for you. There are several breastfeeding products that can help you with your production if you have […]

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The Best Breastfeeding Positions

A closer bond is often experienced by many breastfeeding mothers, and by choosing to nourish your child in this way, you have also made a choice to give your baby the best and healthiest option possible. While some mothers may be faced with challenges during night time feedings or periods of exhaustion in the first […]

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