Revolutionary Pillow is Changing the Way Moms Approach Breastfeeding

Revolutionary Pillow is Changing the Way Moms Approach Breastfeeding

For every mom who has ever felt that moment of despair and self-doubt while facing the various challenges when nursing , take heart! My Brest Friend is a revolutionary nursing pillow that has changed the way moms approach breastfeeding, boosting their confidence and turning potentially difficult and devastating sense of failures into pleasurable and successful healthy moments of bonding and deep satisfaction.

For a new mom, her most important role is being able to feed and bond with her newborn baby. With the help of My Brest Friend, she has an affordable and easy to use tool to meet her needs.

Trusted as the number one choice by lactation consultants and millions of nursing moms worldwide, My Brest Friend is the BEST pillow uniquely designed for breastfeeding that truly provides what nursing moms need.

The pillow features a secure wrap around design that can be adjusted and positioned at the optimal breastfeeding height for each mom. Its easy to slip on and off and its flat firm cushion and soft plush cover provides the perfect support and comfort for babies and mom.

My Brest friend is the ONLY nursing pillow that can be worn and provides the right positioning for the baby to lay! The stable support allows for the baby to attain the proper position and latch correctly and easily, helping to avoid sore nipples, decreased milk supply and other common issues nursing moms might face.

My Brest Friend is also equipped with a comfortable back rest and lumbar support that aids moms in maintaining good posture during feeding to prevent sore backs and necks, and arm and elbow rests to reduce shoulder stress. A built in pocket functions as a convenient place to keep nursing tools, bottles of water, and other accessories that might be needed at a moment’s notice.

They also have a patented design made specifically for twins that is also favored by lactation consultants and nursing moms of multiples.

Breastfeeding is not just an economical way to ensure the health of one’s child, but an experience that provides a wealth of well-being. It provides various benefits including: psychological bonding for mom and baby, boosts baby’s neurological development and immune system, prevents against illness and help moms heal after delivery.

However, it can also be one of the most frustrating and overwhelming experiences new moms face.

More than 50% of nursing moms deal with challenges and many will give up due to frustration. My Brest Friend helps many fearful moms feel confident and succeed with feeding their baby the healthiest option (breast milk). The key to nursing success will often be found in correct positioning for mom and baby. My Brest Friend helps ensure both, allowing moms to focus on bonding and being with their baby while My Brest Friend does all the work!

From the mom next door to celebrities like Madonna, Bethenny Frankel and the Kardashians, My Brest Friend has been a true lifesaver to millions during challenging feeding times.

When Andrew Zenoff first conceived of My Brest Friend, he was in his early thirties and leading the bachelor lifestyle far from his current life as a new dad twice. After witnessing a friend’s struggle with breastfeeding while using a U shaped pillow, he had a vision to create what moms really needed– a supportive tool to lend a helping hand at this critical moment in life.

Fast-forward more than 60 prototypes tested and 15 years later he is now a pioneer in the breastfeeding market and the proud husband and dad of two little girls who have been lovingly breastfed with his very own product.

He uses his products to hold and bond with his babies as well and also recommends My Brest Friend for dads, siblings and grandparents.

Zenoff is excited to prove that the Bay area isn’t just home to tech-centric companies–but also to those focused on creating socially conscious, “touch and feel” products that build critical bonding and health, helping each generation get off to the healthiest start.

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