Breastfeeding Accessories

Breastfeeding accessories make your life and your baby's feedings easier and more enjoyable. Learn to love every stage of your nursing journey with our breastfeeding essentials. Designed to complement your baby's unique feeding experience, our range of helpful items includes such products as useful core covers, soothing nipple cream, a supportive nursing footrest and handy dietary supplements.

Each carefully designed product in our lineup of accessories for breastfeeding has been created with the specific needs of nursing moms and their babies in mind. Browse our expertly designed array of breastfeeding must-haves and take advantage of the extra support when you and your little one need it most.


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Original & Deluxe Inner Core Cover
Adjusting Nursing StoolAdjusting Nursing Stool
All-Natural Nipple Cream for BreastfeedingAll-Natural Nipple Cream for Breastfeeding
Twin & Plus Inner Core Cover
Fenugreek for BreastfeedingFenugreek for Breastfeeding