When it comes to your My Brest Friend nursing pillow cover, one is never enough. While your nursing pillow arrives with a cover, having an extra one ready to go in case of an emergency - who knew someone that small could spit up that much, anyway? - is always a smart call. Toss one slipcover in the washing machine and use the other to save yourself some ever-so-precious time.

As an easy-to-use and easy-to-clean solution that every nursing mom can put to good use, the My Brest Friend nursing cover is designed to easily pull on and off, making for fast, on-the-fly changes whenever you and your little one need them. (Pro tip: Better yet, pick up multiple pillow covers and spare yourself that late-night realization that your only backup is still in the wash.)


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Original Nursing Pillow SlipcoverOriginal Nursing Pillow Slipcover
Super Deluxe Nursing Pillow SlipcoverSuper Deluxe Nursing Pillow Slipcover
Super Deluxe Designer, 100% Organic Cotton SlipcoverSuper Deluxe Designer, 100% Organic Cotton Slipcover
Deluxe Nursing Pillow SlipcoverDeluxe Nursing Pillow Slipcover
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Organic Nursing Pillow SlipcoverOrganic Nursing Pillow Slipcover
Professional Nursing Pillow SlipcoverProfessional Nursing Pillow Slipcover
Twin & Plus Nursing Pillow SlipcoverTwin & Plus Nursing Pillow Slipcover