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How to Use Our Pillows

Proper use of our feeding pillows will assure you have the best breastfeeding experience.

Twins Plus Nursing Pillow


How to breastfeed twins at the same time:

Many nursing women, especially first time mothers, find it helpful to learn how to breastfeed one baby at a time until they feel comfortable with how to latch the babies well. This may take a few days or a week but once you feel skilled at bringing one baby to the breast, you are ready to try tandem breastfeeding.

There are many possible positions for simultaneous twin breastfeeding but here are the most popular three positions:

  1. Double football/clutch: This is the most popular position, especially for small and young babies. Both babies are at your sides with their legs under your arms and their heads supported by your hands.
  2. Double cradle with overlapping legs: Position the first baby in a cradle hold, with his head in the crook of your elbow. Bring the second baby up to your other breast, cradling him in the crook of your other elbow. Cross their legs over each other so they both rest comfortably on the twin nursing pillow.
  3. Combination of football and cradle hold: Some nursing mothers find feeding one baby in the football hold and the other in cradle helpful, especially if one baby prefers one position or the other. Position the baby in football hold first, and then bring the second baby up in a cradle hold.


Which twin baby goes on first for feeding?

Most nursing moms find it easiest to latch the twin baby that needs the most help first. This strategy allows you to use both hands to help the less vigorous nurser latch deeply. Once latched, the twin feeding pillow will support the first baby so you can reach over, pick up, and latch the second baby onto the second breast for feeding.

Which twin baby feeds on which breast?

Most breastfeeding experts recommend alternating each baby on each breast every other feed or at least every other day. Alternating breasts encourages equal stimulation of milk production, especially if you have one baby who is a more vigorous nurser than the other.

How long should the twins breastfeed? What about burping?

Most twins nurse anywhere from 20-45 minutes for each feed. Depending on their weight and age, the feeding may be shorter or longer. It is usually helpful to take each baby off halfway through the feeding and sit them up on the twin nursing pillow to burp. Once burped, return him to the same breast he was on and burp his sibling.