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Both nursing moms and experts agree that My Brest Friend nursing pillows are is the best choice for breastfeeding.

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I wanted to share with you my positive experience using the My Brest Friend Deluxe pillow. I have degenerative disc disease with multiple herniated discs in my back and have had a spinal fusion. As a result, breast feeding was proving to be extremely painful for me; and was difficult for both me and my little one. However, I was determined to succeed; and I must give some credit to my nursing pillow. Pain could have continued to be unbearable; which would have ultimately lead to increased stress and frustration, and we all know how detrimental those factors can be to a nursing mother’s milk supply. I am glad I decided to give your product a try. It has met my needs and even exceeded my expectations by your company’s warranty protection and exceptionally courteous customer support! Thank you again!

– Mary, mother of 2

This is a great product. I had the Boppy first but it was uncomfortable because I would have to arch my back to get my baby comfortable, the Boppy was too flimsy. The Brest Friend was referred to me and it helped me position my baby better and helped my lower back. My baby loves it he easily falls asleep on it too. I would recommend this to anyone.

– Mary, mom of Asa

I originally got a Boppy because it seems everyone had them, but then at a breastfeeding class they said this was much better. Man were they right! The Boppy is too soft and the kid just sinks in, not enough support. This is firm foam that holds him up at the right height. It has a little bump to rest his head on also so your hand does not get tired and the removable cover is nice too. This product truly saved my breastfeeding, it was hard for so many other reasons and this made it so much easier. I cannot recommend this enough!

– June, mom of Jake

I bought this when I was pregnant with my first daughter, and after a c-section, it was great! The back support helps hold the pillow up high off of your incision. I used this every time I nursed my daughter, and we use it now with our second baby. It is great for keeping the baby in the right position, especially in those first few weeks when you feel like you do not know what you are doing. It is definitely worth it! I am buying one now for a baby shower gift for a friend.

– Kimberly, mom of Maddie and Bella

I love the My Brest Friend Twins Plus nursing pillow!  Our twins, Elliot and Elijah are three months old now and I have been able to exclusively breast feed them thanks to this wonderful pillow. The My Brest Friend Twins Plus nursing pillow allowed me to be able to latch both babies by myself. The MBF nursing pillow encourages me to sit  more upright and offers the back support that I never had with other products. The Twins Plus pillow has offered the three of us a bonding experience that is so special to me. I cannot thank your company enough for making such a valuable and affordable tool.

– Christina, mother of Eli and Elliott

The Brest Friend pillow was one of many items that I would classify as a must have for new mothers. We were given some of the others, but they did not feel as comfortable and believe me, when my wife was comfortable, my life was comfortable. Not a complicated product, but well designed and really useful, even for me. I am not afraid to say that it made its way around my waist a couple of times, and feeding was really calm and peaceful. Anyway, I would put it on my top five list for getting a new mother.

– Greg, dad of Lilly

My Brest Friend helped to position my premature son correctly while my wife was breastfeeding AND I while I was bottle feeding (Yes, I swallowed my manly pride and used the pillow too … it made those early feedings go much smoother).

– James, dad of Kaleb

No comparison! I started with a Boppy, which is just a U shaped pillow, if that’s all you want use two bed pillows and save yourself the money. The My Brest Friend is actually a nursing pillow, and it will set you up for nursing success. It has built in back support, because you spend so many hours in that position, this is crucial. It is also firm enough and buckles on to put the baby at just the right position to alleviate sore nipples. Well worth it, and the plush covered deluxe is a nice splurge.

– Annie, mom of Adam