A New Plus: Nursing Pillow for Plus Size Mom

A New Plus: Nursing Pillow for Plus Size Mom

Having the right support can be challenging, whether it be mom friends, a good bra, or better yet, a nursing pillow. If you’re like me when I was on the road to recovery, adjusting to a newborn and finding a space in which to feel comfortable nursing will fill your day. My Brest Friend is quick to help...in the support department that is.

The Plus Size Nursing Pillow checks all the boxes you’re looking for, and more. With its wrap-around design, you can relax and focus on feedings while feeling supported. A wide, flat base for your arms and baby provide a safe space while breastfeeding or bottle feeding. Gone are the days of trying to adjust pillows and towels at the breast to get baby latched.

Following delivery, the large opening of the Plus Size Nursing Pillow allows the utmost comfort whether you’re 2 days, or 2 months postpartum. Not to mention, the adjustable strap is designed to accommodate your size, not the other way around. These features are a must-have following a c-section delivery to help support your breastfeeding journey without putting added pressure on your abdomen. 

This pillow comes in a variety of gender-neutral colors, so it won’t stick out like an eyesore while sitting on the couch awaiting the next feed. A convenient pocket is attached to the side, allowing you to secure your nipple cream, nipple shield, or even snacks. The best part (other than the price) is that the cover comes off to be washed when those spit-ups/blowouts occur.

Following a hefty search for plus size mom’s everywhere, there’s no other product that compares on the market. The safety, comfort, support, and ease of My Brest Friend keep the Plus Size Nursing Pillow at the top of my list. Give it a try, you won’t regret it.

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