How My Brest Friend Changed The Nursing Pillow Game

How My Brest Friend Changed The Nursing Pillow Game

Preparing for a baby comes with a whole list of things you never knew you wanted, or even needed. Suddenly, your internet searches consist of “what is a nursing pillow?” or “which is the best breastfeeding pillow?”. In addition to learning that these products exist, it’s also important to know how they work, and how safe they are.

Using a baby feeding pillow (or nursing pillow) helps to support your breastfeeding journey as it should support both you and baby during this precious time. My Brest Friend nursing pillows do exactly this, with firm, supportive, 360-degree coverage. This allows baby to stay at the breast, allowing you to focus on latch and baby, not the pillow. With a wraparound back support, you can relax in a comfortable position, instead of hunching over baby during your nursing sessions. Research shows that if moms are relaxed during their feeding, it leads to greater milk flow, which is a win-win! My Brest Friend nursing pillows are adjustable, to accommodate mothers of all sizes, and in all stages of postpartum recovery.

Now that we know why/how to use a breastfeeding pillow, let’s talk about another search point you may be looking into, “nursing pillows infant deaths”. Over 150 babies died in incidents involving nursing pillows between 2010 and 2022, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. My Brest Friend is considered the safest by NBC News and Consumer Reports. Many other products on the market have a plush pillow, allowing baby to “sink in”, roll into the surface, or the space between the pillow and mother. Unlike other products on the market, My Brest Friend changes the game by allowing a firm, flat surface to keep your baby at the breast during the feeds. The edges surrounding the pillow have a distinct structure, ensuring that you are supervising your infant. The MBF also sits flush against the mother’s abdomen, taking away the risk of baby rolling in. MBF is a true nursing pillow, and not to be used for any other purpose.



My Brest Friend holds true to their name, providing a safe, effective, and supportive product for mothers and babies globally. They offer a wide range of products including twin nursing pillows, inflatable nursing pillow /travel breastfeeding pillows, organic nursing pillows, and an impressive range of interchangeable nursing pillow covers.  

- MBF Mama

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