The Best Baby Registry Ideas From Hannah Howard

The Best Baby Registry Ideas From Hannah Howard

Over a fancy dinner, I shared the news I was pregnant with a friend and mother of three. “All you need is a night nurse and My Brest Friend,” she told me. We didn’t end up getting either, and the second was a bigger regret. I wasn’t prepared for the epic stretches of time that breastfeeding would require: I deleted my baby tracking app after I spent 13 hours nursing one day; it just felt too depressing. Using the hand-me-down Boppy that was passed along to me by my cousin, I found that Simone would slide and wiggle into the crevices of the crescent-shaped pillow. Then I ordered My Brest Friend, which wraps around your body and snaps securely into place. This meant I could find a comfy position. As could my baby, who was more stable on the pillow’s flat, sturdy surface. I also loved that I could stash a can of seltzer and my phone — breastfeeding essentials — in its snazzy pocket. Nursing became more manageable from that point on.

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