The Best Nursing Pillows

The Best Nursing Pillows

Best Overall: My Brest Friend Super Deluxe Nursing Pillow

  • Filling: Polyurethane foam
  • Shape: Wraparound design
  • Removable cover: Polyester cover included 


What we like:

  • Silent release buckle
  • High lumbar support for moms
  • Raised “feeding risers” to elevate baby’s head


Worth noting:

  • Can’t be used as a lounger like our other picks


Why we chose it:

A well-thought-out design that identifies and solves all the tricky nuances of breastfeeding.

This nursing pillow might look like a UFO placed around your midsection, but don’t knock it—it really might just become your new “brest friend.” Alice Sigh, a content creator and mom to 6-year-old Alina and 3-year-old Amelia, used it exclusively to breastfeed her daughters to 14 months and 3 years, respectively. “I felt it was the most convenient and supportive to use when they were in their most crucial early-breastfeeding weeks, and I think it helped set us up for our success,” she confides. The pillow’s large frame comes from two key features: the ultra-high-rise back panel (to enhance lumbar support) and the wide front cushion (to support baby from head to toe). A Velcro strap allows you to adjust the pillow higher on your body if you need to clear the arms of a sofa, or lower if you’re in bed. But you won’t need to worry about waking up your baby with that distinctive Velcro sound; a silent-release buckle ensures that they’ll stay sleeping if you need to set them down after feeding. Just be sure to assess where you’re going to feed and adjust accordingly before starting.

Heather Summers of the blog Summers in the City used a My Brest Friend nursing pillow for all three of her daughters and particularly loved being able to move around while nursing, especially during those late-night feeds. “I would even nurse standing up with this one, since I could cinch it tight enough around my waist that it wouldn’t fall down,” she explains. “This way I could pace while nursing to keep myself awake, while also not having to bear all of my baby’s weight myself!” The pillow’s wraparound design is sturdy enough to stay in position while you move around or while you move your baby around.

Other key features include the “feeding risers” on the left and right sides to help elevate your baby’s head instead of it sinking into the cushion; a pouch pocket to store your nipple balm and phone for late-night scrolling; and an interior waterproof foam cover.

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