Original Bundle

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This bundle includes:

  1. My Brest Friend Original Nursing Pillow in Gray/White Flowing Fans color
  2. My Brest Friend Adjustable Nursing Stool
  3. My Brest Friend All-Natural Nipple Cream

What's Included:

Original Nursing Pillow in Gray/White Flowing Fans

Developed in a laboratory of new moms, babies, and breastfeeding experts, the My Brest Friend Original Nursing Pillow’s sole purpose is to answer all the needs of nursing moms and babies.

Adjustable Nursing Stool

The My Brest Friend adjustable nursing stool can help minimize lower back, shoulder, neck and wrist pain by helping to maintain an ergonomically supportive and comfortable position while nursing.

All Natural Nipple Cream

Experience soothing relief from sore, cracked nipples with the My Brest Friend All-Natural Nipple Cream. This hypoallergenic formula is made with all natural and organic ingredients that are safe for both mom and baby.